Facebook Video Downloader

You do know that FB is the most mainstream social network, don't you? And there's a perfectly logical explanation for that: there are limitless opportunities for entertainment, education, business development and gaining new audiences, and simply making new friends from all over the world.
One can imagine how much content (Facebook videos, images, live streams, etc.) there is here to be inspired, be motivated, enjoy, or learn! It would all be perfect if Facebook videos could be saved offline so you wouldn't lose them and explore the content in your spare time without going to the platform again. To download photos from Facebook is much more straightforward, but saving Facebook videos is more problematic.
The platform itself doesn't have any Facebook video download tools, but I know a way out. How do I download a video from Facebook? I use the Facebook video downloader that is handy to use.

What is a Facebook video downloader?

It is an online downloading engine that is developed to download videos from Facebook to any device. It allows you to download from Facebook videos that you may store on a PC, iPhone, Android, Mac.
You are free to pick out any operating system (Windows, Linux, macOS) and browser to download Facebook videos 1080p or other resolutions/format options (HD, MP4, etc.). Save live streaming, videos, and other FB media content with the video downloader.

Why use a FB video uploader?

  1. Multi features video downloader

    The FB video downloader may convert videos to mp3 to enjoy them offline; offer quality options before a video downloading; operate from different browsers and OS, and download a video from Facebook momentarily (if the video is not too long and there is no problem with the internet).

  2. No payment is required

    Just load the tool's page using a device and download Facebook video to computer, mobile, and other devices without any charges. Plus, you can download as much media content as you need.

  3. Two-steps downloading

    It won't take you long to upload your desired media content, especially as there is no need to sign up and install the video downloader. You just paste the copied FB video link to the saver and click on "Download".

How to download Facebook videos using the FB video downloader

  1. Find Facebook videos you desire to save to a pc folder or phone gallery.
  2. Press "the dotted line" on the top right of the media content and then "Copy link" to get the URL on the clipboard.
  3. Visit the Twitter video downloader's page and insert the URL into a service's entry field.
  4. Hit the "Download" button to launch the saving process (then you may pick out quality and a folder).


1. How long does the Facebook video downloader save a video?
It usually only takes a couple of seconds to upload Facebook videos. So, it's pretty fast. But be aware that Facebook videos may be very long, or there may be problems with the internet connection — then the process may slow down.
2. Is there any limit to the number of Facebook videos I can upload?
No, the tool is always free and has no restrictions. So you may upload an unlimited number of Facebook videos without spending a dime.
3. Is it legal to download a Facebook video?
Saving content from non-private accounts is entirely legal. But be careful when using stored Facebook videos or a user file in other social networks in the future. Whether you download Facebook photos, videos, etc., remember that this content isn't yours. So, always link to the content author and, of course, do not use the content for commercial purposes (it is a copyright law violation).
4. Should I install the FB video downloader?
No, you just open the tool via a browser, insert the copied FB video link into the entry box, and launch the saving process by clicking on "Download". Point out a location and wait for mere seconds to get the video directly on your device.
5. Should I register to upload Facebook videos?
No, there is no need for signing in to get Facebook videos. You just paste Facebook videos URL into the opened downloader page and hit “Download”.