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Instagram Downloader

Yes. The content people share on Instagram is public and legitimate to save.
To view IGTV any time offline follow these steps:
  1. Go to an IG page with cool IGTVs;
  2. Copy a URL to this account in a browser;
  3. Paste the link in the Downloader dedicated bar:
  4. Save the desired episode on your device.
If you need to save numerous posts from one account process to the profile downloader:
  1. Copy the @username you of any public IG account;
  2. Paste the nickname to the Downloader search bar
  3. Pick the post you like and Download it!
  1. Go to the IG account via a browser;
  2. Copy the URL address in the search bar;
  3. Paste this link in Toolzu Downloader;
  4. Pick the Story you need:
  5. Push download and enjoy the media file offline.
  1. Open any IG profile;
  2. Copy the link you see in the browser:
    copy link
  3. Paste it here:
    insert link
  4. Select Download.
Images arrive at the Download folder on your PC

Instagram Hashtag Generator

Yes! Free Hashtag generator Instagram is available for 7 days.
Instagram allows no more than 30 hashtags per post. Thus, you can change the combinations in several hours to test different hashtags in action.
Estimate a Hashtag difficulty to predict how long your post will be in the TOP feed. We recommend using more than 15 Low difficult hashtags out of 30 to gain the highest reach!
The difficulty of a hashtag reveals competitiveness. Thus we divided hashtags into 3 groups:
  1. Difficult: TOP feed updates every second, lower chance to remain in TOP and gain engagement;
  2. Medium difficulty: it's possible to stay in TOP for 1-2 hours, fewer competitors.
  3. Low difficulty: maximum time in the TOP section; the competition is little.
The best strategy is combining hashtags from these groups.
When you look for hashtags on the IG app, the search results include your key only at the beginning of the Hashtag. Toolzu suggests hashtags having the key in various forms and combinations so that the result is more target and specified.
Most Hashtags finders allow users to mention no more than one key per search. Toolzu lets you specify browsing with 1-5 keys to get precise hashtags. We own the biggest database of hashtags that reaches over 12 mln hashtags consistently updated. You can set aside cross-language hashtags lists sufficient for international campaigns on social media. Extended analytics will help you to estimate your post competitiveness and stay in TOP feed longer.
Yes! The database lists over 12 mln active hashtags and excludes banned tags. Toolzu updates the listings consistently.
Think of keywords as of Google keys. These words specify your niche on Instagram. For example, if you are a wedding photographer, try these for your search: photography, wedding, bridal, blog, portrait.
Toolzu is a cross-language search tool. You are free to type keys on any language – the results will be relevant. Perfect for international markets digital strategy!
Upload one to the Hashtag's searcher and enjoy it! Smart AI-algorithm examines the picture and offers hashtags – better than human guesswork.
You can simply paste a link to any IG post you have already uploaded. Thus, the Hashtags searcher scans the image and suggests the best hashtags selection.
When you mention several keys relevant to your area, Hashtags finder for IG analyzes the 12 mln database. The tool selects the best hashtags ready to copy.
There are three ways to determine the most traffic-boosting hashtags for your niche. Firstly, you can browse using 1-5 keys related to your niche. Secondly, you can insert a link to your post and get the hashtags. Finally, you can upload a picture from your device, and AI-algorithm suggests hashtags.


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